Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Another Bit On The Sidebar

Added something on the sidebar. Just a thing that reads the shiftcharts and tells you who played against who. These things aren't razor accurate, nor are the time-on-ice sheets that they are built from. But it gives you a pretty damn good idea of who played against whom on a given night.

The plan is for me to update it after Oiler games this season, so that it's the most recent game on there. And even though updating it will only take a minute or so, I will probably be sporadic with it.

For now it's just for 5on5 icetime, and just one home player vs one road player at a time. I can add more to that upon request if people are actually using it, though there is a danger in making things too complicated of course.

Hopefully this gives us some insight into the thinking of the coaches, and offers some context for us to judge why a player looked good on the night ... or the opposite. For me, I don't tend to notice the D matchups during the games very often, so it's cool to sit back and have a quick look at how Huddy was working things after the fact.

And my optimistic side is hopeful that this gets more people looking at the matchups and gameplans during the Oiler games this season. At least a bit more anyways. Especially for the people who are going at the games and therefore can see these things easier.

That is all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Vic,

None of the sidebar (new fangled shift chart, blog links, ketchup stains - oops, disregard that last one) stuff is loading or showing up for me.

Good idea though.


8/30/2006 7:31 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Might be that IE - if you are using it - is showing it at the bottom of the page (that is what happens for me, anyhow).

8/30/2006 9:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right you are, it's on the bottom now - it used to be right beside the newest post. My right hand scrolling muscles are gonna get HUGE!

Thanks for the heads up.


8/30/2006 10:13 am  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

Damn. The sidebar disappears in IE again.

This is because I displayed the icetime thing as a table I think. It also displays with no formatting using IE.

I'm sure that this is the result of the style sheets that this page uses, IE doesn't seem to want to let simple HTML commands override the style sheet stuff.

Can some HTML clever person help me out here?

Failing that, I'll get around to sorting it out eventually. It's still a long time until the season starts.

8/31/2006 9:46 am  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

There we go. That should work for everybody now. Turns out that the HTML table-maker I was using left out too much detail for IE6.

For e.g.:
If you enter in Horcoff (20) vs Sakic (19) you should get 10 minutes head to head.
And Pronger (44) vs Sakic (19) you should get 4.8 minutes of head to head.
Which seems about right by my memory.

8/31/2006 6:08 pm  
Blogger Doogie said...

Weird fact: In Game 3, Spacek (6) and Staois (24) were matched against Staal (12) more than twice as long as Pronger (44) and Smyth (94), who were against him for about identical time.

9/08/2006 1:02 am  
Blogger Vic Ferrari said...

doogie. Ya, there was some weird stuff going on. MacTavish went off the board and tackled the CAR lineup differently than the successful coaches out east had done all year. A stark contrast to Ruff as an example.

It was a hard match of the Peca line and Smith/Pronger on Brind'Amour. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Then drifting around with the Horcoff line because he had bumped Hemsky up there.

I don't know why I threw that particular game up there. I don't even want to think about that final series for a while. Some agregious errors by the coaching staff starting with Game 1 where they shifted Moreau in for Hemsky when it should have been a Spacek or Staois, cost them the first CAR goal IMO.

9/12/2006 10:23 am  

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